Resident and Family Testimonials

Allerton House in Hingham has received wonderful words of appreciation from residents and families alike. To anyone who has sent in such a message, we say “Thank You!” Caring for you and/or your loved ones is our privilege!

“My Mom needed to move into assisted living during 2020, it was not an easy time to be out looking at these homes in the midst of a pandemic. I do remember, feeling very safe going into the Allerton House and touring it, compared to some other facilities. The director and staff were very attentive to my mom’s needs and we decided to move her in that Nov. of 2020. From the day my mom arrived, she was made to feel as though this was her new home and she belonged here with the other residents. My Mom never told any of my siblings or I, in the 2 years she was living there that she did not like it or wanted to leave. This past summer my mother’s dementia had increased and we moved her into the Cove which is the memory care side at the Allerton House. The staff and residents there couldn’t have been any nicer to her. She thrived in the Cove and we found her to me more engaged in the activities and liked the smaller space she was living in. Also, she had a lot less walking to get to her daily meals and her activities. My mom liked music and singing and we loved that they had music playing at mealtime and different entertainers coming in, weekly. She especially loved it when the ballroom dancer came in once a month! She couldn’t remember what she ate for breakfast, but she could remember how to rip up the rug jitterbugging! Needless to say, we have no complaints or regrets about having our mother spend the last few years at the Allerton House. It is very clean, and well-maintained, and the meals are beautifully presented and delicious. The staff from directors down, treat all the residents with the utmost respect that they deserve and we would highly recommend it. Of course my siblings and I miss visiting our Mom, but we will also miss seeing the wonderful staff and residents there as well. We have some wonderful memories and had many laughs with everyone along the way.”

– D. Greenstein, Family Member, Allerton House at Harbor Park in Hingham

“My dad was at Allerton House at Harbor Park for 8 years in the Memory Care section. The staff there are caring people that are well-trained in this type of care. There is little staff turnover; the environment is great. I would highly, highly recommend AH at Harbor Park to anyone looking for care for their elderly family members. I can’t say enough good things about it.”

– Susan C., Family Member, Allerton House at Harbor Park in Hingham

“When I knew my sister needed to live in an assisted living/memory care facility, I developed the criteria that I felt was important. Ideally, I wanted the facility to be near me so I readily could have ‘easy’ contact for visits and meet whatever needs might arise. I wanted the facility to provide safety and security for her, a social setting to combat loneliness, and activities to keep her engaged. I wanted her to be able to live her life as fully as she was able. Living in Hingham myself, I looked to Google to see what (if any) facility might exist in my immediate area. When seeing that Allerton House was an option, I called to make an appointment with the Marketing Manager. Upon entering the site, I was blown away. It was very well appointed – actually beautiful – and had the look and feel of a private residence. Once the Manager explained the services and answered my initial questions, I was shown an actual unit. I was convinced my search was over. My prayers were answered! Initially, I secured a unit in the assisted living portion of Allerton. After two years, my sister relocated to the memory care area in a wing of Allerton. Simple transition. Fast forwarding, my sister has lived at Allerton for 3 1/4 years now. She loves it!! And I love it. The care and attention she receives daily has made her feel loved, comfortable and secure. No more being responsible for cooking, cleaning, etc., and other pesky chores. And she dines in a restaurant-quality dining room daily. She often raves about the variety and quality of the food. And the availability of snacks and special offerings for occasions is a bonus. She is an active participant in numerous activities, enjoys bus trips to various local sites, and has made many friends – no longer alone in a big house. Among her friends are the staff who are extremely caring and supportive. I am kept completely informed of any concerns the staff may have about her needs both medically and socially. We communicate in person, by telephone, or by text. The management, nursing staff, aides, receptionists, and maintenance staff are exemplary – each and every one. Being her primary caregiver, Allerton House has given me peace of mind. I know my sister is happy and well cared for while living her life in a nurturing and loving environment. Hats off to the staff at Allerton who consistently – particularly during these trying times – meet her needs and my expectations and then some! Amen.”

– R. Benson, Family Member, Allerton House at Harbor Park in Hingham

“The nurses are very helpful in setting up appointments with doctors and guiding us through telehealth visits. The aides are just as caring, always making sure we are getting exercise and staying hydrated. At our age, there are things we need to be reminded of from time to time. It’s the simple things, but it goes a long way. I also really enjoy the beautiful grounds; it is very peaceful.”

– Betty L., Resident, Allerton House at Harbor Park in Hingham

“We always enjoy restaurant-style dining at Allerton House in Hingham. The team works so hard and are always accommodating and responsive. We also love the assortment of activities. There’s something for everybody.”

– Richard R., Resident, Allerton House at Harbor Park in Hingham

The following is a video testimonial from Family Member Susan C.

The following is a video testimonial from Family Member Ralph B.

“A heartfelt thank you to all of the staff at Allerton House for all that you do every day to keep our mom and all of the other residents safe and healthy. Thank you for letting them know they are valued and loved especially now when we cannot be there. Enjoy these treats as a token of our appreciation.”

Thank You!
Linda L., Dan D., & Barbara F., Family Members, Allerton House at Harbor Park in Hingham

“Please let me know if there is anything my family can do for everyone at the Allerton. Mom says you treat her like a queen.”

Warmest regards,
Donna C. & The Family of Barbara S., Family Members, Allerton House at Harbor Park in Hingham

“Mom does indicate everything has been running smoothly and we’re both very grateful for all the extra work and procedures that have been implemented. Please extend our thanks to all on staff and in administration.”

Brian B., Family Member, Allerton House at Harbor Park in Hingham

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