Spring Color Party!

In spring we welcome the color from the greening of lawns, budding of trees and emerging flowers. To celebrate, residents of Allerton House in Hingham enjoyed a Color Party, complete with lush, fresh cut flowers, tasty cupcakes with colorful icing, and vivid crepe paper flowers.

Smiling before a sea brightly colored crepe-paper flowers are from left to right resident Marilyn Johnson, Activity Director Kim Vallatini, and resident Gloria King.
What’s not to smile about? Resident Arthur Pires is served a sampling of tasty cupcakes by Janeen Cullihan of Allerton House during the Color Party.
A centerpiece of the Color Party at Allerton House was a beautiful spring bouquet, and rows of cupcakes.
Allerton House residents enjoy the Color Party held recently. Residents featured from right to left are: Florence Dearing and Mary Lou Fitzsimmons.
Resident Martha Corey enjoys life at Allerton House by attending many of the fun social activities and interesting educational programs. She is featured here during the recent Color Party.